6 New Facebook Live Features You Need to Know

A few decades earlier no one would have thought that Facebook would take the social media by storm and gain the cult status it has now. What more, it has added 6 new live features and supplemented itself with new feathers to its all ready embellished hat.

The 6 new Facebook live tools that it has added are as follows:-

1. One can go live with Desktops and Laptops. The FB pages can go live with the help of a web browser on their desktop or laptop computer. This was declared way back in September and is in the process of rolling out in a full fledged manner.

2. The new role of live contributor is going to serve as major image booster. This means that until now only Facebook page admins were able to make use of FB live. This created a major problem because if there was large team of contributors, then one had make them page admin to allow them to broadcast live on FB. This new feature will solve this problem.

3. Facebook has created the ability to pin comments to the base of one’s live telecast.

4. Facebook has added permalinks for its videos. The format it uses is: Facebook.com/pagename/videos. The people who visit this permalink will be greeted with a live video if one is currently broadcasting.

5. One can cross post your live videos after broadcast ends to multiple pages at one go.

6. There is going to be video insights for profiles. Celebrities and public figures who have 5000 or more followers will have added advantage for both live and uploaded videos. The video insights will have:

Total minutes viewed

Total number of views

Total meeting (reactions, comments, shares etc.)

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