5 Lesser Known Benefits of Simple Website Design
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5 Lesser Known Benefits of Simple Website Design

We have heard an old cliché many a time that a website is the face of the business. So, who wants a face loaded with unnecessary features? Well, in a similar way, a website design needs to be clear, crisp and catch the attention of the visitor. Here, in this post, we have listed the benefits of simple yet high impact website design.

1. Conversion Accelerator
The landing page is a kind of webpage that helps you to convert. The best bet is to design a simple landing page that is able to convert your prospects into a customer. Too many overwhelming features might confuse users and make the process look frustrating. Hence, it is better to simplify the web page. Here, are two methods on how you can simplify the website.

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(a)Don’t add too many menus to the website
Though you may find it tempting to show all the information at once to the user, but it could backfire badly. It is important to create a user-friendly, easy to navigate website that talks about just one idea/service/deal.

Having too many menus inside the landing page may lead to page abandonment. Too many menu options mean too much information. The users might have to take many decisions and it may lead to decision fatigue, which is a threat to your sales.

So, we suggest you to have limited menu options on the landing page with a clear/singular CTA.

(b)Think about call to action
You should focus on how to convert the customers on your website through using words sign in to subscribe to our blog, share the content on social media. But you shouldn’t overdo it. If you will constantly nag your viewer’s attention to it, they will actually feel helpless.

Hence, keep the website simple and eliminate the things that constantly remind the user to click the button. In fact, take a step further and add design elements that appeal to the user and guide them towards CTA. If you own an e-commerce business, create a strong to call to action button and install it on the landing webpage.

You may feel to promote offers on the website, but limit the offers on one page, so that the users don’t get overwhelmed.

2. It improves site load speed
The website load speed is one of the significant factors to let the users remain connected. Do you know a site gets just 3-4 seconds before the viewer moves away from it if it doesn’t load properly? In fact, 47% of the customers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

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Well, you might think it is a hosting issue, but the website load time is depended on several factors and one among them is design. If your design is complex, it may prove to be overwhelming and users will find it difficult to navigate.

The best way to optimize the website is to use limited photos and graphics. Trim down the use of video files. Faster load times keep the viewers hooked to the website for a longer time and increase pleasant user experience. There are many tools available that can monitor the site speed and identify the problems.

3. It is mobile friendly
The simple designs are not only user-friendly but mobile-friendly too. As per a Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, the average user spends 3.3 hours a day on the mobile.

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Too many complex designs may actually be a threat. Either you can make two websites for your business one is for desktop or other is for mobile. But it requires too much hard-work. It’s better to have a simple website that is responsive to the desktop as well as mobile.

Simple websites with the limited design are responsive and eye-catching. Moreover, the simple website makes the process of navigation easy for mobile users.

4. It is cost-effective
Bigger volume of elements added to the site will entail a higher cost. If your website is embedded with too many images, video file, audio files will increase the bandwidth and the development cost.

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Many web hosting and web development companies will charge you an extra amount for this. This means you may have to pay a huge amount for such website, while on the other a simple website will attract less cost and yet be equally impactful.

5. Eliminates user friction
A complex website creates user friction. What is user friction? friction is an element that makes it difficult to accomplish a business goal. For example, if you have a long business name that is difficult to pronounce it may create friction.

Adding a sign-in button at the end of every page may again create friction. Similarly, a pop-up that forces the users to subscribe to their page may create friction. Hence, simple website design is the solution to it. It makes easier to use and navigate.

In the end, we would like to conclude that creating a simple website design offers many benefits. It can be tempting to throw all the information at once to the user but keep it short and simple and you will be rewarded with a better conversion rate.

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