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  • 1One simply cannot run a business with just a website in today’s era. In order to expand your business’s reach, enhance brand awareness, and drives sales and conversion, focusing on digital marketing is an inevitable need.
  • 2You might think that owning an excavation business doesn’t have a lot to do with the website and digital features, but you are mistaken here.
  • 3Your competitors are online and are viciously using SEO, PPC and web development services to help their firms reach new heights. If you haven’t given these services a thought, then it is time to rethink.
  • 4And once you come to a conclusion, Green Web Media is here to help you with your comprehensive digital marketing needs.



    How can digital marketing help your excavation company?

    1- Save money
    Not many people realize this, but conducting digital marketing instead of traditional marketing is cost-effective.

    There are various aspects of digital marketing strategies; for instance, content marketing costs 62% less, showcasing how it tends to save your money!

    2- Completely measurable
    The best thing about digital marketing strategies like SEO, PPC and web development is that you can easily measure the success of each.

    Tracking each campaign can help determine which digital marketing strategies are providing the expected results for your excavation company and which aren’t, thereby giving you a chance to address changes.

    3- Provides better targeting and personalization opportunity
    It is possible to use web development, SEO and PPC campaigns to generate more personalized and targeted messages.

    This means you have better flexibility in creating advertisements for particular consumer groups to allure them into interacting with your content or clicking on ads for better conversion.


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    Website development

    • Website development – Your excavation business needs to be accessed by real estate builders, geo-spatial experts, and other companies. We help you with a fast-loading website that informs about your excavation business. We also add a lot of helpful videos to help your target customers understand why they should choose you over your competitors.
    • Website speed optimization – Page speed plays a key role in search engine ranking determination. Plus, it influences the user experience. Through our website optimization services, we boost the page loading speed by minimizing code files, compressing image size, etc. No matter what platform your website is created on, we are capable of optimizing it.
    • Website conversion optimization – We use various analytical tools to monitor your website’s performance in regards to the bounce rate, conversion rates, abandonment, etc. Our services include surveys ad user feedback, user session recording, visitor segmentation, user intent analysis, advanced A/B testing, etc.

    Comprehensive PPC services

    We know how to harness the power of PPC or pay-per-click in the most effective way, using services like –

    • Sponsored ads display – We help create compelling ads that bring instant visibility to your business.
    • Powerful tracking and reporting – We utilize tracking tools such as Google Analytics to realize analytics along with bid management solutions for our enterprise-level clients.
    • Bid management – We help with effective landing page optimization and guarantee boosted conversion rates through manual and automatic bid management.
    • Keyword research – We conduct ample keyword research and analysis to create themed campaigns and ad groups for the appropriate search phrases.

    Complete SEO services

    • SEO auditing – Our experts conduct a thorough SEO audit on your website to identify problems that might be impacting the performance. By identifying the issues, the Green Web Media experts create custom strategies to overcome them.
    • Off-page SEO – Link building is an effective way to obtain high domain authority and trust flow. We assist in building quality links between your industry and those that are crucial for your business’s overall performance.
    • Campaign management –We also track campaign performance to determine the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaigns, whether SEO, PPC or web development strategies. Tracking helps see which marketing campaigns are driving the expected results for your excavation company. Tracking also means you focus on essential methods of the marketing campaigns, therefore saving money on methods that don’t work. By working with Green Web Media, you obtain access to various tracking software that eventually helps with generating revenue for your excavation company.

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