IndustriesHealthOur Otolaryngology marketing strategies are all you need to reach new patients and develop and grow your hospital
IndustriesHealthOur Otolaryngology marketing strategies are all you need to reach new patients and develop and grow your hospital


  • 1Having a solid digital presence nowadays is inevitable, no matter how established your Ear, Throat and Nose hospital is physical.
  • 2Digital presence helps in tapping into the undiscovered market, thereby assisting in reaching a new target audience.
  • 3As a medical practitioner, it may prove challenging to regularly come across patients who might benefit from the treatments you have to offer.
  • 4Also, not every patient suffering from issues related to Ear, Nose and Throat may come back, especially if their issue is for time being.
  • 5Expanding the reach is the only sound way of attracting new patients to ENT hospitals. Digital marketing agencies like Green Web Media can help in doing exactly that.




    Green web media Has a proven track in helping businesses rank on first page of organic search results. With this forte you get a formidable web presence that attracts attention from a wider audience. Boost your brand visibility in front of your target audience with our white jat SEO strategies. We help you get higher volume of qualified site traffic, and see dramatic rise in conversions to propel your online business past your competition.


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    Web design and development

    Having a well-organized website in place is of utmost importance. Not only will the website work as the initial point of contact between the patients and your hospital, but it will make it easy for patients to gain more details about the treatments you offer and make an appointment.

    The first focus of Green Web Media’s web designers is creating a well-designed website that makes it easy for patients to find relevant information and book appointments easily. After all, user experience is something you don’t want to overlook.

    From helping you improve the existing materials to creating unique web content from scratch, optimizing the site as per the search engine’s algorithm and adding relevant keywords across the website, we do it all to make your site a lead-generating machine. Our patient-first philosophy helps us make your hospital future-ready on the internet.

    Search engine optimization

    Search engines have been used commonly to gain a variety of information, including health-related details, too. If you think you can offer helpful insights to your patients in regard to ENT practice, then optimizing the entire website is immensely important.

    Search engine optimization helps in making the website search engine ready. Our SEO experts utilize a variety of tactics to develop campaigns that help boost your hospital’s digital presence as well as reach potential patients at the right time.

    Whatever tactics we might use, whether that is technical SEO, keyword research and analysis, on-page and off-page optimization, etc., all are aimed at boosting your website’s rating on search engines like Google and Bing. The better the ranking, the easy it will be for patients to find you online.

    Pay-Per-Click ad creation and management

    When used in conjunction with SEO, PPC can help revolutionize your hospital’s online presence.

    In a place where SEO takes around six months to deliver results, PPC yields effective outcomes almost immediately after it has been launched. The best thing about PPC ads is that they appear on the top of the search engine result pages, thereby boosting the chances of being noticed by the patients.

    Typically, long-tailed keywords are used in PPC ads because they have less competition but higher search rates. This means the ability of these campaigns to be successful is almost higher.

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      1- Access to professional tools
      In the past 10+ years, we have managed to create a sound digital marketing infrastructure that makes it possible for us to deliver excellent solutions. We use the latest, innovative and reliable tools to create and track campaigns, thereby ensuring complete consistency.

      2- Round the clock assistance
      The Green Web Media team are available throughout the day to assist you and guide you through the digital marketing queries you might have. We also fix issues with campaigns promptly for little to no downtime or impact on the website ranking.

      3- Wealth of experience
      The vast majority of experts onboard at Green Web Media have years of experience in offering digital marketing services. With us by your side, you can stay assured that your hospital’s reputation is in good hands.

       4- Innovative strategies
      Green Web Media experts have devised proven strategies that will help you attract new patients as well as grow your Otolaryngology hospital’s digital footprint. Our successful keyword method is bound to make your practice stand out from others.

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