IndustriesHealthGreen Web Media Can Turbocharge Your Dermatology Marketing with Proven Strategies.
IndustriesHealthGreen Web Media Can Turbocharge Your Dermatology Marketing with Proven Strategies.


  • 1Not every individual that wakes up with a red, itchy spot on the skin seeks a dermatologist’s advice. In many cases, people do a Google search to determine the cause and symptoms.
  • 2They not only type the skin issue in brief but even go ahead and read through the first few results on search engines for a possible self-diagnosis.
  • 3And once they determine they might have a serious issue, they consider contacting a doctor. And if you might have guessed it already – they find the contact details and address of the dermatologist online, too.
  • 4Now, the question is, does your website appear for either of the requirements a potential patient has? No? You need us – Green Web Media!
  • 5Our digital marketing agency helps your dermatology practice become visible using strategies like –




    Green web media Has a proven track in helping businesses rank on first page of organic search results. With this forte you get a formidable web presence that attracts attention from a wider audience. Boost your brand visibility in front of your target audience with our white jat SEO strategies. We help you get higher volume of qualified site traffic, and see dramatic rise in conversions to propel your online business past your competition.


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    Web design and development

    Do you already have a website in place but aren’t sure if it is delivering results? Let our web designers and developers help.

    First, we will conduct an audit to determine where your website stands, its strengths and weaknesses. The information gathered through this audit is used to address the issues with the website ethically. We implement white hat strategies so you don’t attract penalties but more and more patients to generate more revenue.

    Our focus when redesigning the website is to make it –

    • Easy to navigate
    • Easy to access from different devices
    • Well-organized
    • Easy to use

    Search Engine Optimization

    There are patients who know what to search for when looking for services and treatments provided by you. However, there also are patients who have no idea of what to look for and where.

    Either way, it is best to make your website visible by optimizing it as per search engine guidelines. Our SEO experts will first understand where your clinic stands in the digital realm. They will then comprehend what exactly are your goals, expectations, objectives, mission etc., are. The notion is to create strategies that are aligned with your goals, thereby meeting them easily.

    Here are some things we focus on in our SEO services –

    • Improving the website’s speed
    • Optimizing written digital content across the site
    • Keyword implementation
    • Technical SEO
    • Local SEO
    • On-page/Off-page SEO
    • Competitor analysis and so on.

    Pay-Per-Click advertisement

    The term “Pay-Per-Click,” might sound expensive; hence many business owners stay away from investing in it.

    Well, PPC isn’t an expensive marketing strategy, especially when compared with its traditional counterparts. In fact, PPC is quite cost-effective, given you only pay for the clicks you receive. And since it is believed that every $1 spent on PPC ads results in $2 profit, we don’t think it will sound as expensive as it did before.

    Besides creating the campaigns, our experts also design creative landing pages to entice the customers into taking relevant action.

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      1- We take a creative approach
      Green Web Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience in helping clients who specialize in medical practices. We understand your patient’s online journey and take a unique approach to attract them to your practice.

       2- We are experts
      Green Web Media experts know what it takes to plan, develop and deliver proven digital marketing strategies. We understand your requirements and develop strategies that reflect them. Our aim is to deliver result-oriented tactics, so you can earn more than you invest in digital marketing.

       3- We deliver on time
      Our team of experts ensure to work around the clock to deliver the projects on and within time. No matter how complex your project is, you can trust us for a timely turnaround.

       4- We offer a cost-effective solution
      Are you worried about your marketing budget? Do you think your marketing budget isn’t adequate to run digital marketing strategies? Let’s have a one-on-one first to determine your budget and requirements. Based on the details gathered, we can customize a package that suits your practice perfectly.

       5- One-stop shop
      Green Web Media’s digital marketing experts can do it all. From creating a website for your dermatology clinic to optimizing it as per search engines and marketing the services and treatment you have to offer; we can do it all.

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