IndustriesFood & BeverageHire us for the Sweet Aroma of Marketing Success
IndustriesFood & BeverageHire us for the Sweet Aroma of Marketing Success


  • 1Food is now available with a single click on our phones. Companies delivering food online have increased in count in recent years. Bakeries have also adopted this trend to deliver baked delicacies to people’s homes.
  • 2Any kind of business sphere has its own percentage of competition. Online bakeries are also competing against each other to strengthen their individual market positions.
  • 3If you run an online bakery, we have an offer for you. Our Green Web Media digital marketing services can help you grow your business and take it to a whole new level.
  • 4Here are some of our exceptional services.



    Green web media Has a proven track in helping businesses rank on first page of organic search results. With this forte you get a formidable web presence that attracts attention from a wider audience. Boost your brand visibility in front of your target audience with our white jat SEO strategies. We help you get higher volume of qualified site traffic, and see dramatic rise in conversions to propel your online business past your competition.


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    Web Designing

    We know your pastries taste delicious, but for people to buy them, they should also look delicious. For that, you need a website with mouth-watering photos and descriptions of all your tidbits.

    At Green Web Media, we design you a website so that your baked products are effectively marketed. We even help you with your site maintenance to keep your customer base and brand reputation intact. Here are our unique web development strategies.

    • Fit for Every Size
      • You want to build your bakery website which your customers have access to from anywhere at any time. So, the website should be compatible with as many devices as possible.
      • Responsive Design: We make your website responsive so that it fits every screen size. Whether a user’s checking your page from his laptop or scrolling down your site on his mobile, your images clearly pop up everywhere.
    • Customisation
      • Unique Look: To outrank your competitors, we provide your brand with a unique look of its own. We collaborate with you to plan your site design, look, features and content.
      • Customer-centric: To draw in more customers, our web wizzes conduct extensive research on the style, preference and choice of your target audience, so that your site aligns with the customer perspective.


    Next in line what you need for your bakery is the marketing of the website we prepare for you. Your customers won’t be able to find your website if it doesn’t show up on their browsers.

    So, we do quality SEO of your website. When a sweet tooth writes “best cupcake online” on Google Search, we make sure she sees your website before she sees your competitors’.

    Read on to know how we manage to do that.

    • Keyword Strategy
      • Relevance: Picking the right and most-searched keywords is a daunting job. Our SEO scholars however due to their firm grip in this field subtly filter out irrelevant keywords and hand-pick only the most suitable keywords.
      • Integration: Picking the fitting keywords is not enough until they are properly integrated into your site content. We blend the keywords in your site precisely, so that your content appears natural as well as improves your SEO rankings.
    • Local Branding
      • As a bakery, you first want to capture the local market and cement your position as a brand that everyone recognises just by its name. So, we strategize your SEO for a specific geographical region.
      • Local SEO: Our local market research helps in designing your website content according to the requirements of the people of that specific area. We stuff keywords most-used in that area so that your site does well in the local business listings.

    PPC Ads

    Relying on a single digital marketing strategy such as SEO won’t guarantee your online bakery’s success. Even if you have established your bakery as a brand, you need marketing strategies to preserve and improve its position.

    Our firm runs PPC ads for you so that your customers always stay updated about your brand. You can announce your latest discounts and new snacks introduced in your bakery.

    The below techniques ensure your brand is well-advertised through PPC.

    • Worth-Clicking Ads
      • Snappy Headlines: Digital ads are all over the internet and to get clicked, creativity is imperative. Our ad experts write catchy PPC ad headlines which is the first thing your audience notices about your ads. That way we make sure they are lured into clicking on your ads.
      • Appealing Landing Pages: Now once a visitor is inside your ad, you need to keep him hooked on your landing page. We optimise the landing pages with great detail by integrating texts, relevant images, exciting bakery videos and more so that a visitor acts on your CTAs.
    • Ads Across Multiple Platforms
      • Search Engines: We run your bakery ads on Google from where you can expect most of your traffic and leads. As for other search engines, we also offer Bing ads to enhance your customer reach a bit more.
      • Social Media: It’s unlikely that people searching for an online bakery won’t be on Facebook or YouTube. So, we run targeted ads on these two social media platforms so that you don’t miss out on any marketing opportunity.

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