IndustriesEducationComprehensive Digital Marketing for Your Online Institute from Green Web Media
IndustriesEducationComprehensive Digital Marketing for Your Online Institute from Green Web Media


  • 1Running online education programs is tough due to the fact that there are tons of institutes providing such courses through the internet.
  • 2So, your online education platform needs to do something out of the box to reach out to potential students.
  • 3At Green Web Media, we have an all-inclusive digital marketing program for your platform.
  • 4Our strategic and targeted campaigns ensure you are easily found on the web, and your student base increases over time.
  • 5Let us walk you through the various services we provide.



    Green web media Has a proven track in helping businesses rank on first page of organic search results. With this forte you get a formidable web presence that attracts attention from a wider audience. Boost your brand visibility in front of your target audience with our white jat SEO strategies. We help you get higher volume of qualified site traffic, and see dramatic rise in conversions to propel your online business past your competition.


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    Comprehensive SEO Services

    Online education providers have almost overcrowded the internet, so in order to stand out from the rest, you have to do something that everyone else is not. Here comes the role of quality SEO.

    Our SEO services work on the basis of your specific requirements and not on some already-set procedure.

    Also, we devote enough time to your website so that your SEO rankings show a steady improvement, rather than having an overnight boost which is likely to hit rock bottom in no time. The following strategies we use ensure your SEO job is in the right hands.

    Optimised Website Using White-hat Practices

    The website content you publish is one of the primary factors that determine your SEO rankings. So, your content should be optimised and regularly updated to ensure your target audience finds you on the first-page search results.

    We only follow white-hat practices for your website and provide you with absolute transparency on our processes.

    That way, you know your website is earning credibility only through legitimate ways and isn’t running any risk of getting blocked by the search engines.

    Competitor Analysis

    You are not the only one running an online education facility, and there is relentless competition in the game.

    So, in order to outrank your competitors, you have to run a check on the SEO strategies they are using.

    We conduct in-depth competitor analysis as part of your SEO campaign so that we can assess their strengths and weaknesses and use them to invigorate your SEO results.

    PPC Ads

    You want your target audience to learn about your offers and services, and you want it quick.

    SEO typically takes months before your website can appear in the first-page results, so you should simultaneously run your PPC ad campaign to capture the online education market.

    The ad campaigns we run for you guarantee that your message reaches fast and clear to your potential students and makes them take an interest in your educational courses. Here are our stellar PPC strategies.

    Ads on Multiple Platforms

    Your audience is cruising through multiple online platforms a day, so running an ad campaign only on a single platform is not enough. We help you run your ad campaigns on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and even Bing.

    With such wide coverage, you ensure your audience sees your ads, discovers your brand, and engages with it.

    Informative and Captivating Landing Pages

    When users click on one of your ads, they are redirected to a landing page that describes your online education services with written content, elements and images. The look and content of this page determine whether the visitor will take action on your CTA or not.

    We design your landing pages with informative content apart from making them concise and captivating. Our writers ensure your CTAs are alluring and to the point so that users cannot keep themselves from acting on them.

    Web Designing and Development

    As you are providing online education, you cannot afford to lag in your online presence. And securing a noteworthy position on the internet starts with building an engaging and informative website.

    Our web experts are skilled in several frontend, backend and middleware technologies, so we build you a comprehensive online education website. We act according to your needs and adopt the following techniques of web design and development:

    Designing Your Website Content

    Content is not always written. To engage your target audience and catch their attention, we incorporate various elements into your website. With snappy images, short videos and informative infographics, we enhance the user experience and make sure the visitors spend more time going through your content. So, once the visitors consume your content, there are more chances of them enrolling in your programs.

    Responsive and User Friendly

    User experience plays a key role in websites. No matter how good quality online education you offer, if your website fails to impress your visitors, you are not likely to increase your student base.

    As we understand this issue, we make your website an easy to navigate one with exceptional user-friendly features. Also, we make it responsive so that it fits in most of the digital devices and does not lose its visual appeal no matter what.

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